The Republic of Moldova is famous for aesthetic surgery At “Neogen” Clinic beauty operations are performed from A to Z

Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery “Neogen” practices specialized surgery solely on traditional techniques and modern mini-invasive ones. Dr. Viorel Cotea, the first doctor in Moldova, specializing exclusively in cosmetic surgery / aesthetic in Moscow, as the first specialist of the country, perfected the techniques of working in over 34 years of activity, so he has unique methods of work that allow a very good recovery, and that significantly reduce operative time. Dr. Viorel Cotea emphasizes the beauty surgery which has now become synonymous rightly, for cosmetic surgery. As a brand or an old music endures over time, so the aesthetic surgery – beauty surgery will exist forever. And just thereby Moldova is world renowned. Very often it is required a second surgery after other doctors from different countries, including Russia, France. Therefore it is very important to study before choosing the doctor - who is he, has he experience in the field, which is the gallery etc. “Neogen” Clinic is among the few clinics in the world displaying the price including all operations without the patient returns to the doctor to take care of other ancillary costs before and after surgery. Beside this, Neogen Clinic offers for every patient a special atmosphere, which makes him to feel at home here. Taking into consideration that coming back home is the sweetest and the most expected event, certainly today’s patients will become tomorrow's patients.



    The Aesthetic Specialist decides the need

           for an aesthetic beauty surgery

Past, present and future. Decades of evolution, but aesthetic surgery has remained the same. Its value is recognized today, even from early childhood. The past few days, at a cartoon post, the children characters were talking about aesthetic surgery; more precisely they said they would need such an operation in the years of maturity. This means that surgical beauty will exist from now on. Aesthetic surgery was and remains, from the point of view of the specialist Viorel Cotea, a type of “necessity” operation. Specifically, nobody benefits from this surgery if the specialist doctor decides that this is not appropriate. We may want, but if the eye of the specialist sees it differently, we can not contradict it. Communication between the doctor and the patient is therefore absolutely necessary.


1. How would you describe in a few words the aesthetic surgery of the 21st century?

It has remained the same, as no wheel can ever be invented. Aesthetic surgery is based on the laws of physics, mathematics, and geometry. And these were and remain unchanged.


2. What is beauty? Aesthetic surgery is a caprice or a necessity? When is it caprice and how do you respond to it and when we talk about necessity?

Beauty is something good for the human eye. It is usually subjective because it does not correspond to all opinions. Caprice is when there is only desire and not necessity. While necessity is the visible factor, covered by necessity brings spiritual fulfilment and accomplishment at all levels. The aesthetician surgeon is the only person authorized to decide the meaning of the operation.


3. Contemporaneity has brought and continues to bring many non-invasive devices and procedures that want to replace aesthetic surgery today. How do you see this? Is it a place in the sun for everyone? Or each of us, having free will, can decide for himself what is best. Is there any difference between the two - aesthetic surgery and alternative, pharmacology and cosmetics?

Yeah, it's a place in the sun for everyone. And each one decides for himself what is best. A decision to apply to an aesthetic surgery is a well-assumed decision in perfect knowledge. Everyone decides when they get to surgery sooner or later. This possibility of choice relates to aging processes. Correcting forms, nose, ears, breasts, etc., can only be achieved with aesthetic surgery.


4. Is psychological consideration important? Many people see the change in facial physiognomy, for example, as an extra chance to succeed in life. What do you think?  Is it true?

Definitely Yes! The psychological factor is an essential completion. There are two stages in life - the beginning of the activity at 18-20 years and another stage of dissatisfaction occurs amidst the installation of aging processes. It is also related to personal life, correlated with social and inter-human aspects. Yes, aesthetic surgery offers an extra chance of succeeding in life.


5. You could choose to work in any country in the world, why did you choose Moldova?

Moldova is my motherland. It is not a solution to leave for all of us, someone has to stay at home. The Republic of Moldova, through its specialists in this field, is recognized today for aesthetic surgery all over the world.


6. How long does a potential patient need to think before asking for aesthetic surgery? Or it doesn’t take time to think?

Yes, he must think. At least 30 days. But the surgeon owns the final decision if this surgery will improve his life in all aspects.


7. Can you tell us any curiosity or interesting case that has impressed or attracted your attention in over three decades of activity?


A 70-year-old lady who wanted re-intervention after 20 years, the twin sisters who operated the nose to be the same, more mothers and daughters, and a young woman who wanted to have the nose of an international star and came up with the photo…