Chisinau city

Want to get a driving license? School auto '' SC'' ZERUTAS LLC is the solution. With us wishes come true.
Choose ZERUTAS'''' - a experienced driving school for car and motorcycle, which is promoting quality through a comprehensive program of training of students both practical and theoretical.
Students, staff, ladies, timid, bold, come to us to get a driver's license or a new profession, you will be approached with care and your dream will come true.

Zerutas offers the following training courses:
- Driving training in categories A2, A, B, BC, B to C, D, E;

- Mechanical tractor drivers "category" H (tractors and self-propelled);
- Driving of all types of cranes;
- Hooks;
- Bulldozers;
- Engineer for diggers with one cup;
- Car mechanic;
- Load carrier;
- Probe exploitation and exploration in drilling wells;
- Help the driller in drilling and mining, wells  exploration (first);
- Engineer in plant cutter arm;
- Engineer in stone cutting;
- Drilling mine holes;
- Turners;
- water engineer and plumber categories 3, 4, 5, 6;
- Trucks and heavy machinery drivers. (career in truck driving);
- Foreman drilling;
- Engineer in auto grader;
- Engineer  of the concrete casting machine;
- Engineer of the roll roller self-propelled smooth cylinder;
Training courses are taught in Romanian and Russian in the morning hours, day and evening. Performance management program has flexible hours, depending on customer requests. We also offer the possibility to pay in installments and transfer.


Adresa: 2 V. Alexandri str., Chisinau city
Telefon: (+373 22) 928 633; (+373 22) 930 239
Fax: (+373 22) 930 239
Gsm: (+373 79) 744 695
Orar: Mon.-Fri.: 9-18; Sat.: 9-14
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