Center for Forensic Medicine

Chisinau city


The Forensic Center is the only public institution of legal expertise in the country, we specialize in legal medicine, we provide relevant bodies and individuals, against payment, following forensic services:

1. Forensic findings based on medical records, criminal and civil materials, other type of documents to ascertain:
- Severity of injury;
- Health, simulation, dissimulation, disease progression and artificial auto mutilations;
- States and if questionable sexual assault of a sexual nature;
- Legal problems with drunkenness and narcotics;
- Identity, persons age;
- Volume of general and professional work incapacity.
2. Biological investigations.
3. Paternity tests.
4. Toxico-narcological investigations.
5. Medical and forensic investigations, including archeologist and establishing identity by bones.
6. Histopathological investigations.

7. Other forms of forensic research, in accordance with the law. 



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